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Elephant 1a - benches in africa


giraffe 1 - benches in africa


rhino 1 - benches in africa

Timber Varnish

Wood Colours
wood colours 1

Pastel Colours
pastal colours 1

Fabric Colours

Candy Stripe Blue - no.10
candy stripe blue 1a

Big Five
big 5 a

Candy Stripe Green - no.4
candy stripe green 1a

Carnival Blue - no.1
carnival blue no 1 a

Carnival Green - no.2
carnival green no 2 a

Carnival Red - no.3
carnival red 1a

Constantia Blue - no.6
constantia blue no 6 a

Constantia Brown - no.7 
beige 1a

Chelsea Harbour Blue -
chelsea harbour No 1202

Chelsea Harbour Orange - no.13
chelsea harbour No


Our Dipping Process

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cottage walk-in bench
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Latest Range

pringle bay 3 seater 1a  - Benches Africa
The 3 seater Pringle Bay Couch

Bench & Patio World - kiddies bench 1
Kiddies Bench

Bench & Patio World - pic 1a3
The Hermanus Deck Chair

Benches Africa - patio 2

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